The game Splat! was designed specifically for over 100 simultaneous players participating on the 120 foot video wall in the IAC lobby in Manhattan.

The audience connects to the game by going to a URL on their smartphone, which spawns a character on the big screen — and returns a mini game controller on their phone. Each player controls a bird that is sat on a wire above a road. The game controller has a button that allows players to release droppings in order to hit moving targets on the road.

The game is built using HTML5 Canvas and Javascript to run the game logic and render objects on the big screen. Node.js opens up a socket connection between the server running the game engine, and each players smartphone. This allows for a synchronous connection between the remote client controllers and the server, which ensures players have direct control over gameplay and immediate visual feedback.

We have developed a one player version of Splat for anyone to play at any time. Play Splat now either in the browser or on your mobile device.